Auction Ready Book

“A 185-page manifesto for property buyers and investors in Australia’s high-stakes property market”

The only step-by-step guide you need to master the complex buying process, end auction intimidation and gain an unfair advantage when dealing with agents to secure your dream property for the price you want.

I give you the essential advice, strategies and techniques that I personally use as a Buyer’s Agent in Australia’s most competitive property market.

Available in print and audio

How to buy property at Auction even though you’re scared S#!TLESS

Book Reviews

Felt like a genius after reading this

“Felt like a genius after reading this which proves how little I knew to begin with. I’ve been combing subreddit threads for years for advice/tips in preparation for buying a home, but this book pretty much simplifies everything I’ve discovered into a definitive guide. The title is a little misleading — it covers the entire home buying process (while also including auction buying tips). I’ve recommended it to multiple first home buyers like myself — it’s really that good”.

Great advice in this treasure trove

“I’ve freshly re-read through your amazing book ‘Auction Ready’ and had to reach out to say that this really is an absolute gem.  Thank you for your great advice in this treasure trove – I also must compliment on how well you’ve written it, especially with the humour.  Café owners and workers commented about my laughing at various sections!” Steven Haas

This book was really helpful

“In fact, I won at my very first auction, and I do not believe it was beginner’s luck. I would suggest supplementing this with the author’s two podcasts and various interviews she’s given on other property podcasts”.

Never forget: Education is your number one asset. I highly recommend investing in this book.