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The Ridiculous Reality of Underquoting Real Estate in Australia

16 November 2023

Underquoting laws are designed to protect consumers, but do they hit the mark or miss it completely? With an exception that might just make sense, this video delves into the frustrating world of real estate regulations. I’m diving deep into the underquoting laws of New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland, revealing the nonsensical rules that agents and buyers grapple with daily.

This ONE Thing Dictates Your Property Investment Success – And It’s Not What You Think

31 October 2023

Curious about what truly ASSURES financial success in property investment? Hint: It’s NOT about chasing high rents or the hottest markets. In today’s video, I’ll reveal the ONE crucial element often overlooked by investors and explore why this factor should be your pivotal focus when choosing a property. We’ll also delve into why some properties sell consistently, the importance of focusing on resale for maximum ROI, and secrets to picking locations with a steadfast track record.

Why I Almost QUIT the Property Industry

16 October 2023

Have you ever felt that property experts are more about “quick fixes” and marketing ploys than genuinely helping? Do you sometimes think the industry is based on self-interest rather than authentic value? I’ve felt the same way, and I went on a mission to uncover the truth. In this video, I’ll reveal why I doubted my role in real estate, what consumers actually want, the dangers of quick fixes, and how to find genuine property experts.

Why You’re DOOMED to Fail as a Property Investor If You Keep Asking THIS Question

2 October 2023

Have you ever wondered where to buy your next property for maximum profit? Well, it’s time to rethink that question! In this video, we’ll discuss why the hotspot strategy might not be the golden ticket you’re looking for and learn about the factors that truly matter when making a smart investment.

Why You’ll FAIL Trying to Time the Australian PROPERTY Market

19 September 2023

Ever found yourself waiting for that “perfect moment” to dive into the property market? Thinking you can outsmart the system and grab that dream home at a rock-bottom price? In this video, we bust some long-standing myths that could cost YOU big time and explain WHY attempting to predict market lows often leads to missed opportunities.

The ROLE of Emotion in REAL ESTATE: Are We MISSING Something?

5 September 2023

What if I told you that making real estate decisions with emotion may not be such a bad thing after all? In this video, we’ll examine the power of emotion in buying property and debunk the myth of emotionless investing.

EXPOSED: Why You CAN’T Trust Most Property Advice

8 August 2023

Do you ever wonder why getting SOLID property advice is like hunting for a needle in a haystack? In this video, we’ll peel back the layers of the property advice world, revealing the hard truths many are afraid to confront.

Property ‘Sliding Door Moment’ That Could Have RUINED Everything

25 July 2023

Ever wondered what a ‘sliding door’ moment looks like in real estate? In this video, I’ll share the story of a property buyer who almost missed out on her dream home due to market fluctuations and indecision.

Australia’s Wealth Illusion: Why Are Families Living in Tents?

5 July 2023

What if I told you that despite being ranked the 4th wealthiest country in the world, Australia is home to families living in tents?

The Controversial Truth About Instant Equity Uplifts – Watch Before You Invest!

20 June 2023

There is no such thing as instant equity uplift. It is not that easy to make money in property. How can a property investor make 50 grand within a month of buying a house?

Can You Handle the Truth? Choosing Honesty over Deception in Property Deals

6 June 2023

We’ll unravel the secrets behind overpromised appraisals, unrealistic investment claims, and the hidden realities of off-market deals to help you challenge your preconceptions and make wiser choices.

HOUSE OF LIES: What This Home Collapse Can Teach Us About Real Estate Knowledge

24 May 2023

Did you hear about the newly built home that collapsed while the tenants were asleep? It’s hard to imagine, but luckily nobody was hurt. But here’s the BIG question: HOW could this happen?

STOP Glorifying ‘Flashy’ Australian Real Estate Agents

9 May 2023

How do you feel about all the flashy cars and designer clothes in the real estate industry? In this video, we dive into the disturbing topic of agents and brokers using their expensive possessions as marketing tools.

Veronica REACTS to 4 Corners ‘SHONKY’ Real Estate Exposé

26 April 2023

Did you catch the Four Corners episode on real estate agents? They exposed some pretty shady practices, but what’s even more interesting is the industry’s reaction.