Where are the Buyers in the ‘Buyers Market’?

6 December 2022

Where the bloody hell are you buyers? The boom is over, prices are falling. This is what you’ve been waiting for, right?

Why Only 1% of Properties On the Market Are Worth Buying

22 November 2022

A good buyer’s agent should NEVER hand you three properties, and say, “Here, choose one!”

This is why you can’t sell your property

8 November 2022

Have you been trying to sell a property and finding it’s really difficult to get a buyer? Why is that so?

Why Landlords DON’T Have Full Control Over Rental Rates

25 October 2022

I get really mad when I hear journalists say that landlords will put up rents because interest rates are rising.

Why You Can’t Expect a Real Estate Agent to Tell the Truth

11 October 2022

Nobody expects a real estate agent to tell the truth, which creates a problem for those who want to tell the truth because nobody believes them anyway.

Do Apartments Make Bad Investments?

27 September 2022

The gap between house performance and apartment performance is at an all-time high and is getting BIGGER. But does that mean that all apartments make bad investments?

Do You Believe in The FALSE Logic Around Property?

13 September 2022

There’s a lot of FALSE logic around the way people think about property. Even the experts struggle to time their sales and purchases PRECISELY at the right moment.

Why Asking Friends & Family for Property Adviser Referrals is a BAD Idea

30 August 2022

I don’t think asking friends or family for referrals is a good idea. When finding an expert to help you with something as important as buying a property, you need to find an expert.

Does the Government Really Care about First Home Buyers?

16 August 2022

I’m calling bullshit on government concern over homeownership rates in this country. Sure, they released a report with a lot of recommendations, but none of them were really that groundbreaking.