The Elephant in the Room Property Podcast

Veronica Morgan & Chris Bates

Veronica’s interest in human behaviour has inspired The Elephant in the Room property podcast. Each episode investigates what influences different players in the real estate industry and lifts the lid on how the property market really works.

Your First Home Buyer Guide Podcast

Veronica Morgan & Meighan Wells

In 2019 Veronica co-founded Home Buyer Academy and is the co-host of Your First Home Buyer Guide podcast. Home Buyer Academy provides online support for first home buyers so they don’t get lost buying their first home.

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The First Home Buyer Guide Podcast

Podcast Reviews

A definite “must-listen”

YOUR FIRST HOME BUYER PODCAST / Recently discovered the podcast and have been busy catching up on previous episodes. Veronica and Meighan are great! So much practical knowledge. I’ve already learned so much in a very short period of time. Just wish I’d discovered them sooner.


Valuable and generous

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM PROPERTY PODCAST / Veronica and Chris provide an invaluable and generous service by illuminating the pitfalls of property as well as highlighting the opportunities – they bring such a depth of knowledge and experience that deserves recognition and all for free!

I had no idea property could be so nuanced and interesting, even data. Anyone who buys a property to live in, invest in, or simply has aspirations, will potentially save themselves from a poor decision by going back and listening to past episodes. Just love this podcast and the banter between these two fantastic hosts. Thank you so much guys.


Best guidance out there

YOUR FIRST HOME BUYER PODCAST / Veronica and Meighan are the perfect hosts to guide you on this daunting journey to navigate purchasing your first home. I’ve had such a ‘Aha’ moment since listening. Great advice, so relevant and important pulling from previous experiences for others to benefit.

This has really given me more confidence with getting back out there after making mistakes with our first property so take 2 on the ‘first home buyer’ journey.


Outstanding Listening

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM PROPERTY PODCAST / Insightful, thoughtful podcast that focuses on property but doesn’t limit itself to property. They cover so many different issues in the property industry to make people informed and aware. They interviewed industry experts and while the episodes are long it is because they are completely full of good content. Please don’t cut the interviews short for the sake of timing!!!!

If you have any interest in property at all you MUST listen to this podcast.


Excellent Hosts and a life making podcast

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM PROPERTY PODCAST / I love this podcast and am very grateful for it. My husband and I recently bought our dream property with confidence in a very competitive market thanks to sticking to the fundamentals we learnt from this podcast. It has helped spark my interest in property and has created a talking point for us as a couple to equally contribute to the mental load and practicalities of our financial future.

I really love Veronica and appreciate her vibrant personality, wit and wealth of knowledge. It’s refreshing to hear a strong and confident female voice on topics compared to other property/investment podcasts out there.


The best Aussie one out there

YOUR FIRST HOME BUYER PODCAST / I’ve spent the better part of 18 months consuming podcasts about property and buying your first home and this one is my favourite. Easy to listen to, lots of tips and a wide variety of topics.